OK, finally got my dyndns script working again. I put it into a new dir, /etc/cron.constantly, and have a root crontab running it with run-parts. At least it seems to be working, I won't know for 100% sure until it successfully changes IPs a few times without screwing up.

Sal Wise finally screwed with the wrong guy, Justin Spence, someone with (apparently) the time and means to launch a pretty mean counteroffensive. Way to go, Justin!

Less than 24 hours till I open the internet cafe. Tomorrow I go to San Ysidro to ship the wetsuit I'm selling on eBay, then as soon as I get back, try to get a used monitor at the local computer shops for the $40 or so I'll make from the sale. Then I can open the cafe with 2 computers instead of just 1!

Hours are going to be 3 PM to 3 AM to start off. I may go for 24 hours once I get a good system in place. 7 days a week. More news as I have time...

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