Made my first $2 (pesos, not dollars - about 20 cents) from the Internet café a few minutes ago. Had to stop hacking the PXE configuration for a while though. Getting closer, but having to relearn all the shit I had already gone through at Dialtone a few years ago.

Besides Pocket Tunes, two indispensable Palm apps for hackers are Pippy, a Python port, and Top Gun SSH for that command-line fix. Still haven't found a CLI for the Clié itself though. Might need to download the SDK myself and roll my own. But that's way low on my list of priorities. Sony is reportedly discontinuing the line, and there might be something much better and cheaper in a year or so. But then, if what I eventually get runs PalmOS, it might still be a good investment of time. Better yet, port Linux to it if it hasn't been done already...

I keep reading that a "blog" is partly defined by having links to other sites so, much as I don't like doing things just to live up to others' expectations, it is an effort worth making if this blog is ever going to be anything more than a useless collection of anecdotes. So I'm doing better. Aren't I?

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