Well, here I am in Rosarito Beach... at a store 3 blocks away I bought, a couple of hours ago, 3 small loaves of fresh-baked bread for $1.50 (pesos) each, plus a small can of tuna for $7.50 or so. Altogether, less than a dollar, and I ate one loaf on the way home plus made myself two excellent sandwiches with the other two. That ought to last me till midnight OK.

Obviously I didn't, during my time in the desert, break either my wheat addiction nor my love addiction. Not sure I want to, either.

Some dickhead on RAC this evening, during an online chat with a potential client, called me "Perl-boy". What an undeserved insult. Shouldn't piss me off as much as it did, because what do I care what some ignoramus thinks? He's going to write the server component of a client-server system in C, when all it does is launch an existing executable. Wow, I'll bet he saves all of 1 or 2 milliseconds that way. Well, he got the job, good for him. Hope he fucks it up big-time and loses his "top coder" rating. Not likely though, it's too simple a project. I really don't know why I bother with that site, the competition is too goddamn hard for too little money. And having to deal with smartmouthed kids like that... bummer.

I've got my IPN script I ought to be working on, plus the Hipbone game, plus I want to code around a problem in the cron daemon on my slackware system that doesn't process /etc/cron.d/-style crontabs like Vixie cron. Hard to get motivated. Maybe tomorrow.

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