Arizona DOT is on the cluetrain! Got an answer within 24 hours, it actually answered my question and was friendly to boot! Amazing!

The information that you are looking for is on our website at
www.azbikeped.org  Go to ADOT Bicycle Policies, and then the bicycle 
and also the controlled access highways bicycle policy. There is also a
bicycle suitability map which shows the suitability of the roadway for
bicyclists, and where it is prohibited.
Have a good trip!
Carol Slaker
Arizona Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator

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Hi, today I found out the hard way (by getting pulled over) that bicycles aren't allowed on the shoulder of I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix. But signs indicated that they were allowed between the NM border and Tucson. Where could I obtain this kind of information in advance of my next trip (about a week from now, heading West to California on I-10). Thanks - jc

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Some random thoughts. Phoenix has almost no cacti growing anywhere, compared to Tucson that has them all over the place. But there are quite a number of the bitter orange trees growing in publically-accessible areas. For foragers, Tucson, so far, seems far superior.

Remember that James Bond flick where he is caught in an avalance of snow (with a babe of course) and he has this airbag vest that surrounds him in a protective bubble? I'm thinking one of those could be an ideal all-around solution for many things, provided the 4 "slices" of the sphere could be expandable separately; for example, with half of it expanded it could make a passable boat or sleeping surface; if you're asleep and it starts raining, inflate the rest to form a barrier against the rain.

There was a bunch of other stuff I meant to type in but it took me all damned day to find this Kinko's on the North end of the city, and I forgot. Maybe later...

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