Just got back from a McDonald's breakfast. Met a homeless guy named Thomas, and gave him one of my $1.00 Sausage & Egg McMuffins hoping to get some information out of him. But he answered my questions very laconically, mostly "yes sir" or "no sir", not elaborating on anything.

Can't find any internet yet; my battery has been dead and there's no Starbucks or similar place where I can plug in to recharge. Spent the night here in the Economy Inn in Deming, across from the Wal-Mart, finally getting some sleep. What little I got the previous night was at the Denny's, where the cops brought me after they picked me up straggling towards town; I had tried to camp out on the roadside but the rain got past the tarp into my hammock and chilled me to the bone, and I had to get warmed up somehow.

Found my lot, yesterday about noon; there are no street signs still standing, but a little prowling around and a good sense of direction got me to it eventually, and some short posts lying in the dirt convinced me that I was there, halfway between Los Vecinos and Acequia along Aguacate. Nothing edible growing on my lot, but there's lots of cactus plants a few miles away that I can get clippings from and plant here. I'll also try to plant some Spanish Bayonet, which grows all over the place except in the most barren areas like this one.

I've got some pictures but want to get more sleep before they throw me out; I can't be spending $30 every night, and got to get my money's worth... who knows when I'll get a good sleep again...

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