(image: 2 geeks) Met with an online aquaintance today, C.; haven't got his permission on this blog yet, so he will remain anonymous for the moment. In anticipation of this meeting, I slept at night last night for a change. It was well worth it; intelligent conversation is hard to come by. And since I'm leaving for a sparsely populated section of New Mexico tomorrow, it may be the last I'll have for a while.

On my way to meet C., I passed through Union Station, and finally got a snapshot of nopal, prickly pear cactus. I sliced off one of the tender leaves (also called nodes or joints), and ate it later on the bus. With this photo, I think I've finally reached the critical mass I need to start the edible plants search engine I mentioned before.

That's it for now, got some email to catch up on. Notice I finally finished upgrading the blog CGI, so now you can find my older blogs as well. You can also link to a particular month, day, or blog using a question mark followed by the date/time specification, e.g.: http://jcomeau.com/blog/?2004-02-22 will get you today's blog(s).

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