I've been noticing something really strange about LA. People here actually wait for the walk light! Even if no cars are in sight for miles, they stand like docile sheep on the sidewalk waiting for the light to change. Not me. Oh, no, not me. Yesterday there was a cop on the median, and no cars in sight, so I just started walking across. He said something like "hey, don't you see the red hand?" and I answered, still walking "yeah, but I gotta go".

But today, I was crossing again, actually not even noticing if the light was red or white, just looking for traffic, and when I was across, a motorcycle cop comes out of nowhere, siren and lights and all, and pulls right up to me. Asks for some ID and pulls out his ticket book. I show him my Florida DL, he asks me how long I've been here. I say a week. He explains to me how the lights work, and asks if I understand. "Yes, sir".

Well, this city just lost its enchantment for me. People aren't free enough to decide when it's safe to cross the street? Give me a break.

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