(image: leaves of edible succulent) Finished my edibility testing of that succulent I mentioned in yesterday's writeup. I couldn't eat 1/4 cup of that sour stuff though; I'd have to be really starving to eat more than a handful at a meal. It tastes about the same as most succulents: purslane, prickly pear, and Carpobrotus Acinaciformis, for example. I forgot the common name of C. Acinaciformis, but think it's Indian fig or something like that. I edibility tested its leaves a year or two ago in Rosarito Beach, B. C. There's some growing here in Long Beach, I'll try to get a picture before I go.

Well, can't sit here at Starbucks, gotta get to the Lowe's. The neighborhood where it's located looks like it might be under gang control, so want to be well clear of it by nightfall.

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