Finally made it into LAX about an hour ago. Sitting here in the baggage claim area using the free but intermittent wireless internet, and the free power.

I was stuck in Fort Lauderdale because one or more of the geniuses who protect our skies from terrorists decided that my plastic bottle in which I keep my mixture of Borax and Baking Soda may have actually contained drugs or anthrax or some other horrid substance. So I missed my plane, and though the nice folks at Song (and dance?) Airlines got me another flight, it went through Atlanta which was having weather-related delays of 2 hours or more.

I heard more stupidity in the last 24 hours than I can possibly remember, but one of the gems, from the Broward Sheriff's Office droid if I recall correctly, was "Flying isn't a right, it's a privilege." Ay, que profundo.

Oh, by the way, they finally decided to destroy my bottle of contraband. So if you notice my body odor is a little stronger than usual, or my clothes a little grubbier than normal, don't blame me, OK? I'll eventually buy myself some more baking soda, but Borax has been impossible for me to find anywhere outside of South Florida, for whatever reason.

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